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As scared as I was to start the colon hydrotherapy, I am feeling so much better. I was surprised how easy and painless the whole process was and appreciate all your support through my journey of cleansing and healing. Thank you for giving me my life back.

B.Krishna | Hyderabad

Having a series of colon cleansing prior to my wedding was a wonderful way for me to not only release physical toxins from within, but mental and emotional toxins as well.

D.Suneel | Vizag

The whole process is freer from strain than any I have undergone previously, at the same time that it is optimally effective in ridding the body of whatever toxic burden it has been carrying.

S.Karthik | Vijayawada

Colon Hydrotherapy is very safe and hygiene procedure. I am getting good results. I have undergone 5 sessions because.I had severe bowel problems. Over all experience was very nice .Staff and technicians are very co-Operative. I feel very light and stress free now. All thanks to Shuddh Colon Care.

Joseph | Civil Engineer

I am an IT professional with very bad lifestyle and food habits. I was suffering from Severe constipation and gas problem, because of this, I was not able to concentrate on my work. Shuddh colon care solved my problem with their latest technology of Colon Hydrotherapy. I am very much impressed with this technique. It was a very safe, Hygiene and rejuvenating procedure. Good luck Shuddh Colon care!!

Ms Fatima | IT Professinal ,Madhapur.

I Had severe Constipation and bloating problem, after taking Hydrotherapy treatment, I felt comfortable and I was feeling light. After Colon treatment my problem was solved, I also feel my waste material which was clotted in the colon was also flushed out, and my metabolic rate also Increased. I feel much relaxed and stress full.

Sanjana Singh |

I am Suryanarayana reddy working as Art Executive Engineer in APGENC of ANDHRA PRADESH. I had severe problem and inconvenience in stomach. After completion of Shuddh colon (5 sittings), it is very clear and lot of changes I have observed and my health is improved.


Oh ! What a wonderful concept happening in Hyderabad at " shuddh – Health, Skin & Hair ". I am undergoing " CHT" at Shuddh. At 62 years of age, I am getting good result after my first CHT treatment. Unbelievable, after four sittings of CHT, hope to have a brand new feel about me. Thanks to Dr. Prasad, Mr. Raj gopal, Dhanraj and all members of Shuddh. I find them to be very caring Ambience and environment is very healthy and inviting. This place does not make you feel, that you are in for medical treatment. They may open few more Centres in Hyderabad for the benefit of large community – a humble represent from.

JUTHIKA BHATTACHARYA | ISS (Retd), Cell No. 93911 54111

Earlier I was suffering with burping very badly. It was very awkward when I am in office, meetings & public places. When I visited Shuddh Colon Care, I was suggested to take Colon Hydro Therapy. It was very effective and feel very much better now with the Gas Problem reduced. I feel Colon Hydro Therapy is a good remedy for Gas Problem . I appreciate the professionalism and the approach to the patients with world class equipment and trained staff, I strongly recommend Shuddh Colon Care for Treatment for Gas Problems.

G Vivek, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

I am extremely happy to visit Shuddh Colon Care. The therapists are so friendly and clear all doubts about cleaning colon for indigestion and constipation problems. I had passing gas problem due to indigestion which turned into hyper acidity. After the treatment I feel very comfortable in the stomach and I felt very light as if I had weight loss treatment. With all the junk removed though Colon Hydro Therapy, my stomach is much clean and with the diet they prescribed and have very less complaints now. Thank you Shuddh.

Abhishek Reddy, Kondapur, Hyderabad