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DRINKING WATER : Drinking lots of water is just not a weight loss strategy, but it is also a great energizer to the blood cells. While water doesn't have any magical effect on weight loss, but you will gain weight and accumulate waste if you substitute it with other heavy fizzy beverages. Water gives energy to the cells and keeps us active through out the day. Muscle needs re-hydration regularly to work as desired. Water cleans the toxins in the colon and helps us overcome acidity and other bowel problems.

CHEW YOUR FOOD : As soon as the food gets contacted with saliva in the mouth, the process of digestion begins. The more you chew the more nutrients from the food are absorbed, especially when it is fruits and vegetables. When your body is able to absorb all the nutrients from the foods, you will have high energy levels and muscles will have strength to perform as they are supposed to. This activity also helps us overcome digestion problem.

VEGETABLE JUICES : Raw vegetable juices ensures that the vitamins and other nutrients are intact in the intake, unlike they get lost after cooking. Juices also ensure high water content is absorbed by the body. Vegetable juices contain high amounts of fiber which is very useful for digestion and keeps us away from constipation problem.

ALCOHOL ABSORPTION : The major impact of alcohol on the body is that it causes dehydration and makes you look flushed. Alcohol creates a thin lining on the small intestine which causes irritation and blocks the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins. It reduces the colon irrigation and hence the food is not digested properly and may lead to constipation and acidity problems. Accumulation of food in the colon leads can lead to obesity and cancer.

FIZZY DRINKS : These sugar rich products can ferment in the digestive tract turning the food into very acidic.. As a result, the colon instead of nourishing the food, it will stop food from further digestion leaving the food rotten in the GI Track leaving the body with poisonous material.

COFFEE : Too much consumption of coffee increases irritation on intestine lining and can causes acidity and acid reflux resulting in heart burn. Drinking coffee on empty stomach may lead to gastric problems.

SMOKING : Smoking causes the juices to flow backwards into the esophagus or food pipe causing heart burn. Smoking will irritant ulcers leading to many digestive tract issues.

FAST FOOD : Fast food is usually characterized as unbalanced diet and has high amounts of carbohydrates, fats and low amounts of nutritional value. The carb and fat rich food is not easy to digest, hence get accumulated in the intestine leading to constipation and obesity, this could eventually lead to high blood pressure. It causes bloating in the stomach and slow down the digestion process.


PLENTY WATER : After the therapy, drinking lots of water will clear the food tract and flush out the toxins. It also hydrates and irrigates the colon to develop good bacteria

EAT VEGETABLES : Vegetables reduce bloating problem. They are important for the normal functioning of different body systems and play a vital role in metabolic activity. They provide blood cells with vitamins, minerals, fiber etc. They help in food digestion as digestion plays a key role in keeping a person healthy and active. Eating fresh vegetable will also help us overcome gas problems. Fiber is important to keep our stomach clean and, healthy; fresh vegetables are rich source of fiber. Raw veggies also contain enzymes that can help colon with cleansing out the undigested food.

HERBAL TEA : Drinking herbal tea makes us feel lighter after a meal, and helps in easy and faster digestion. A mixture of various herbs reduce a lot of digestive problems as they absorb gases from the food. They also give high energy to the blood cells keeping one active all day long. Due to the sedetary modern lifestyle, it is recommended that we replace the regular sugar rich teas with herbal teas to avoid constipation, acidity and gas problems. Some herbs are good at cleansing the intestine especially when some food particles stubbornly resist to be removed from the colon even after 30 min of hydro therapy. Some herbs assist in natural detoxification. The herbal tea also helps is softening of stools.

BROWN RICE : Brown rice has high selenium levels as well as certain phenols which reduces the risk of colon cancer. The high dietary fiber content will also help in healthy colon and digestive system to keep it clean for a longtime.

BIO-YOGHURT : Bio-yoghurt helps in decreasing the irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel syndrome. It rehydrates the colon and helps in cleaning the toxins from the colon. . While the stomach acids kill the useful bacteria, bio yoghurt helps us replenish the same.